Positive feedback can be left in a matter of seconds. The good part is that we will give you a 20% coupon for every positive feedback. Just send us a screenshot after you have successfully placed it on our website.

The following four steps will guide you through this process:

At first, you have to open the auto-email from which you got your code. There you can find a button, which says Leave Feedback. Click on it! [1]

A new tab should open in your browser. Now you have two options: You can either log in if you have a preexisting account, [2] or you can register a new account. [3] Please choose the option which fits you.

At the last step, you can finally place your positive feedback. Choose the happy face, enter a message and click on Leave Feedback. [4] And remember to take a screenshot after you have pressed on the button so you can get your 20% coupon after sending the picture to us.