The accounts on the website get sent to you via an automated delivery service to your at the checkout stated email's Inbox or Spam/Junk folder. [1][2] This means that delivery times should only be a couple of seconds/minutes, but there may be some issues that can intervene in this process. Here is a short list of the expected delivery times:

  1. 30-120 seconds: Almost always
  2. 2-30 minutes: Slow servers because of too many visitors on the website, almost never
  3. Not delivered case 1: you have input a wrong email, or you got blacklisted because of misuse of the website. In both cases, please contact us after waiting for at least 30 minutes. 
  4. Not delivered case 2: The website has a problem.You can check the website's status if it has a problem and subscribe to the update service to get a message as soon as it gets resolved: